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BODE SOUND PROJECT    [Institute of Electronic Arts IEA 8]
released 2006

A compilation of home recordings and demonstrations by Harold Bode, a pioneer in designing electronic music instruments. Also includes tracks using his inventions and recordings by Carrier Band, Andrew Deutsch, Fei, Aaron Miller, Scanner and Stephen Vitiello.

MP3: The Nerve Meter   [14'55"  20.4mb]

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STUDIES ON THE ANS   (Krabbesholm)
released 2006

3 studies created with the ANS, a photoelectronic instrument created by Eugene Murzin in 1958, currently residing at the Theremin Center (Moscow Conservatory). 720 tones are generated via bands printed on glass discs, gated by a "work surface" covered in black mastic and resynthesized via photocells. Released by Krabbesholm Højskole in Skive, Denmark.

Gatefold card stock paper sleeve with insert. CD is 5" standard size with only the center 3" portion printed.

MP3: Track 2  [4mb]

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SIEVES (Improvsed Music from Japan)
released 2004

Electro–Acoustic music by James Fei and Kato Hideki. Liner Notes available from Imrpovised Music from Japan.

KATO: electric bass, bass synth and frequency shifter. 
FEI: Buchla/Serge oscillators and filters, spring reverb, contact mic, Bode frequency shifter and misc homemade ellectronics

Recorded at Kato-O'Farrill Studio and Organized Sound. Acoustic reverberation at the Computer Music Center, Columbia University.

Unreleased MP3's:
Echo Chamber part I  [9mb]
Echo Chamber part II  [9.8mb]
Live at Experimental Intermedia (NY)   [4.8mb]

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SOLO WORKS (Leo Lab 059)
released 1999

This collection of solo works each focuses on a set of formal and indeterminate processes, realized on bass clarinet, soprano, alto and bass saxophones.

MP3 excerpts:
for bass saxophone (7.98)  
for bass clarinet (8.97)   


Sold Out

released 1999

Features Fei's Chinese Music, for bass clarinet with vocalizaton.

MP3: Chinese Music